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Computer Repair Service

Whether you need onsite or remote support We will be there 24/7 to support your business's needs.

  • Computer Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Computer & Laptop Upgrade
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Internet & Network Services

Computer Repair Service

Enjoy the comfort of affordable computer repair. Our Technician will identify and repair the cause of system crashes, lockups, system errors, software and/or hardware issues. Our service will not only repair your PC we can increase your system performance by getting your computer back into shape

Service Includes:

30 Day Guarantee on all repair work!

Free system performance and upgrade evaluation

Operating system and security updates

We even clean out the dust inside your PC

PC Pick-Up and Return Service

We make getting your PC fixed as easy as ordering a pizza. Just call us at (305) 788-7881 or (800) 940-3070 and a member of our staff will come out and pick-up your PC for fixing. When your PC is fixed we will bring it back, reconnect it and get you online.

PC Diagnostic

Looking for a computer repair estimate? Our technicians will diagnose whatever issue is causing problems with your computer. From blue screens to system restarts we can help.

Data Recovery

In many cases it is possible to recover deleted or lost files from your compters hard drive. In some cases we can even recover files from reformatted drives. We do all data recovery work at our location so we offer a very fast turn around time compared to many 3rd party services.

Data Backup

Backup and transfer of data files, photos, music mp3s and other common files from one working PC or device to the storage device or media type of your choice. We can backup your files to an external hard drive or on to CD's or DVD's

Online Data Backup

Your computer is filled with irreplaceable files: emails, photos, music, business contacts and financials. Carbonite automatically and securely backs up the irreplaceable contents of your computer for only $54.95 per year no matter how much stuff you need to back up. Carbonite takes data privacy and security very seriously.

We encrypt your files twice before backing them up securely offsite, using the same encryption techniques that banks use. Files remain encrypted at our secure data centers, so only you can see them. With Carbonite, restoring files is quick and easy.

If you accidentally delete or otherwise lose some of your files, it takes just a few clicks from your desktop to get them back. If your computer is damaged, stolen or “just dies” and you lose all your files, you can easily restore them to a new computer.

Computer Tune-Up

"Give your PC a Workout" Slow computer, try our PC tune up service. Our complete computer check-up and tune-up will optimize your PC and remove unneeded software and malware. Our computer tune-up service will Improve overall system performance, check and update your operating system. We also check your systems security and advise how to better secure your PC. This service will make your computer faster and more secure.

Operating System Installation

After some issues like hard drive failures a complete system restoration is required. Not only do we install your operating system we recover the PC to its default factory settings then update the system with current security patches and optimize the system to fit your computing needs.

Internal PC Cleaning

Build up of dust and dirt inside your computer causes heat. This extra heat can be your computers worst enemy. Our service can safely and properly remove any build up inside your computer case and components. Failure to properly clean the inside of a computer case could cause problems or even take years off the life of your computer.

Laptop Diagnostic / Laptop Repair Estimate

Our qualified technical staff have serviced 1000's of laptops. Our diagnostic service can reveal whatever issue is causing problems with your laptop. From system slowness and blue screens to system crashes and lockups we can help.

Not sure what's wrong with your notebook?

Give us a call today for a FREE Estimate.

Laptop Power Jack Repair and Replacement

Do you need to constantly adjust your laptop power cord? Has your battery stopped charging prematurely? These are the signs of a defective laptop internal power jack. This is a very common issue with modern laptops from all brands.

Laptop AC/DC adapters are soldered onto the laptop motherboard. Although this is a sensitive repair we can affordably repair or remove and replace the internal power jack on any brand laptop.

Laptop LCD Repair and Replacement

We can Repair or replace laptop screens for all laptop and laptop screen manufacturers. Don't scrap your laptop over an inexpensive repair job. We can replace or repair broken laptop screens on any notebook brand and model.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

We can replace any Laptop Keyboard for only $65.00

The price will include the new keyboard and the replacement service.

New PC Setup

Not only do we setup and optimize your new PC or laptop we will also transfer settings, files, music and photos from your old PC onto your new computer. Includes installation of peripheral devices. We do whatever it takes to get the system up and runing to your expectations.

Laptop Motherboard Repair

We can repair or replace laptop motherboards from any PC notebook manufacture. Many times repairing or replacing a broken laptop motherboard is a cheaper option than buying a new notebook.

Memory Upgrade & Installation

Upgrading your PC's system memory (RAM) is the best way to increase overall system performance. We will evaluate your PC and make a recommendation based on your system specs.

Most home computers & laptops have room to add more system memory wich will speed up almost any computer.

Operating System Upgrade

We come to your Home or Office and upgrade your systems core operating system. Our tech will also configure and update the system with current patches. Complete system optimization to fit your computing needs.

Peripheral Device Installation / Upgrade

Installation of peripherals devices and software that connect through external interfaces such as USB, Ethernet Port and FireWire. Includes but not limited to printers, scanners, gaming devices and cameras. We will even give you a quick orientation of how to operate your new equipment.

Drive Installation

Installation of internal drive and bundled software. CD-ROM, DVD-ROM & Hard Drives. CD/DVD burner .

Virus Removal & Spyware Removal

Removal and clean up of computer virus and spyware infections. We can remove malicious software causing system security problems, pop ups and slow internet access. Service includes not only, comuter viruses, adware, trojans, spyware but also a complete system tune up for free.

System Clean Out / Hard Drive Wipe

Complete system wipe / Data Cleanup. Giving your computer away? Don't give away your confidential information with it. Personal information is not completely removed from your system simply by deleting it. We can remove all the personal data your computer has collected over the years. Our technicians will wipe your hard drive clean and ensure your information is removed for good.

Security Software Installation Anti-Virus | Spyware

Is your PC slower now then when you bought it? Getting tons of pop-ups? This service includes setup and configuration of anti-virus or spyware security software to protect your computer and it's data from online snoops and identity theifs. Without proper security mesures you may be at risk.Is your PC slower now then when you bought it? Getting tons of pop-ups? This service includes setup and configuration of anti-virus or spyware security software to protect your computer and it's data from online snoops and identity theifs. Without proper security mesures you may be at risk.

Firewall Installation

Our service includes setup and configuration of the software or hardware firewall of your choice. Our service includes setup, configuration and a personalized Orientation. Without a properly configured firewall your computers are vanurable to attacks via your borad band internet connection.

Home Networking Site Survey

In-Home networking consultations let you know what it will take to wire your home or small office. We offer an honest estimate for the labor and equipment required for both a wired and wireless home network.

Advanced Home Networking Service

Enjoy the freedom of sharing the Internet, Video, your photo and music collection, your printers and your files across your home. We can get you connected with or without wires.

Service Includes:

Secure setup of your wired/wireless router or access point
Configuration of multiple PC's and a gaming consoles
Internet, file and print sharing between your PC's
Wireless encryption setup for security
Network functionality testing

Basic Home Network Installation

Share the internet, your photos, music, printers and files across four computers in your home or small office. We can get you connected with or without wires.

Service Includes:

Secure setup of your wired or wireless router or access point

Configuration of PC's

File and print sharing between your PC's

Wireless encryption setup for security

Wireless Security Audit

Did you know more then half of all wireless home networks are unsecured? Is your wireless network secure or is it wide open for anyone to look at or use?

Service Includes:

Security audit of existing wireless network

64 To 128-bit encryption

System vulnerability check

Internet Setup or Troubleshooting

Having issues with your high speed internet connection? Looking to have a pro setup your new connection fast?

Service Includes:

Setup or troubleshooting of cable,DSL, T1, DS3 or dial-up modem

Email account setup

Upgrade or product recommendations

Network Troubleshooting

Having issues with your home network? Our technicians will come out, inspect and correct connection issues with your home or small office network.