Why choose CCTV Services?

CCTV Services aims to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers consistently through engineering excellence.

  • Members of Acclaim and Constructionline
  • New systems installed
  • Full HD technology
  • Consultancy services
  • Free no-obligation quotation
  • System control over the internet
  • Existing systems repaired and maintained

Our thousands of clients recognize that we are passionate about providing the highest quality systems and unprecedented support, which is what sets us miles ahead of other CCTV installation companies.

As specialists in video surveillance systems and technology, our clients rely on our SMART security camera systems to protect their investments.

Secure your business

Do you want to improve the security in your office? Keep burglars at bay with our CCTV cameras and automated access systems.

We are a leading CCTV company working with the county councils and police.

We are committed to deliver a professional and speedy service at all times. Trust us to employ the latest digital technology while installing our CCTV systems.

Don’t hesitate to discuss your security needs with us. Based in Llandudno, we operate across North Wales and the North West of England.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of surveillance CCTV security systems that are designed to suit almost any application requiring a view of a given location, and are able to specify the latest in camera design and operation through our partnerships with the major CCTV manufacturers.

Our dedicated systems specialists have deep market knowledge and professional links with some of the leading industry experts and key suppliers. We are not a manufacturer and routinely scan the market for the most up to date technology, innovation and best practice when it comes to protecting your organisation, as demonstrated by our partnership with Dallmeier where we are the preferred partner to install the revolutionary Panomera™ multifocal sensor system.

This is one of the latest technologies we’ve invested in to give you a better view of the activity around your premises.

We can deliver an integrated CCTV solution for any challenge you may face, from single cameras to multi-level surveillance and remote management. We specialise in networked (IP) solutions which provide our clients with higher quality systems and a better return on investment.

Contact our CCTV installers to learn more about our services.